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Actually, this description of the history of Detroit is rather NOT true. There was no decline in the car industry in the '70's... it was a decline in DETROIT produced cars.

You see, Detroit was a part of the Model Cities Program since the mid 60's... and by the mid 70's when the program ended, it had essentially ruined Detroit. World demand for cars have NEVER abated, and Detroit could have stayed healthy and vital supplying them, but by embracing central government planning (as if government is renowned for it's ability to plan anything), Detroit sealed it's fate.

Of course it's not fair to assign ALL of the failure to one idea... but when CENTRAL PLANNERS are brought in, and the result is so plainly a disaster, one has to look at the central planners before any other consideration, apart from external influences like war or natural disasters. As Detroit experienced neither...

Wendy Shillam

Your comment is a timely reminder to me not to over simplify.

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it is also the home of Daimler and Chrysler.

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